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The homework is designed to be done a little each night and turned back in on Friday.  It will be standard and remain the same throughout the year.  This homework has been individualized to meet the needs of your child; if you feel the homework is too difficult or too easy, please let me know so I can make adjustments.  This is meant to be additional practice to sharpen their skills.  Homework will be sent each Monday (or Tuesday, if there is no school) and needs to be returned on Friday (Thursday).  We will have homework packets for 4 and 5 day weeks.

Proofreading Practice: This is to help your child work on punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and handwriting; they will need to find the mistakes in each sentence and write the correct sentence underneath. (Two sentences per night)

Spelling Words: Each week, the spelling words will have a board that looks like tic-tac-toe.  Your child will need to complete three activities from that board with their spelling words. Each Friday (or Thursday) they will have a spelling test. (One activity per night)  This work can be done on the back of their spelling page or attached on a new sheet of paper.

IXL: We will use IXL for math homework, and it requires a computer.  Log-in information for IXL can be found on the front of your child's take-home folder.  Each week, I will send the modules your child should work on, it is designed for them to move at their own pace.  If they seem to be struggling, they can go back a lesson and review.  There will sometimes be a math worksheet included in the pack based on what is being learned that week.

If you ever have any questions about the homework, please contact me.  This is meant to help build your child’s skills, not add stress to their minds.