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Welcome to LUA Quran Class
May Allah Bless us all with success in this world and the Hereafter

           We are using Al-Qaeda Anourania program one of the easiest and most useful methods of teaching       beginner to read Al-Quran, also memorization Insha'Allah. 
Class Syllabus

         See Attachment Below. Please keep in mind that this Syllabus is subject to change, especially Weekly and  Monthly. These changes occur from classroom observations of student progress and unexpected events

Teaching Philosophy

            My goal is to teach my students to love to recite our Holy book In Sha' Allah.

Classroom Management

                Reset System. 
               1st Offense-Verbal Warning
               2nd Offense-Reset 
               3rd Offense- Note Home to Parent
               4th Warning-Phone Call to Parent/Disciplinary Action in Office 
               5th Warning-Parent Conference with Administration 

 - Qaeda Nourania book

Omayma Alamawi,
Aug 6, 2021, 9:00 AM